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Our story

It was the year of 1978, and even in Los Cabos that tourist growth that in the future came was not expected, when 26 friends decided to form and establish TRANSPORTISTAS JOSEFINOS..

They were: Antonio Marrón alvarez, Gaspar Ceseña Ceseña, José Araiza Pedrin, Gilberto A. Ceseña Ojeda, Ramón Carrillo Ceseña, Mario Montaño Castro, José Gpe. Quintana García, Jesús Benjamín Ceseña Almanza, Gerónimo Castillo Tamayo, César Montaño Sandez, Gaudencio Ojeda Ceseña, José Norberto Ceseña Ojeda, José Arturo Ceseña Avilés, Juan Cruz Montaño Ceseña, Eduardo Montaño Montaño, Rosario Ojeda Ceseña, Valerio Márquez Burgoin, José María Ojeda Ceseña, Oscar Montaño Sandez, Lizandro Verduzco Castro, Tomas Fisher Cota, Miguel Angel Romero Amador, José Luis Marrón Montaño, Francisco Marrón Alvarez, Oscar Gustavo Montaño Ojeda y José Ojeda Araiza.

This company was incorporated on April 25, 1978

In those days few hotels existed; the airport with its palapa-shaped palm roof and a small airstrip, with some airlines arriving, welcomed tourists visiting our beaches.

It was a time of development, a time of growth, a time of visionary people, and among them were the partners of this new company that came as the only one authorized to offer ground transportation services to our tourists. We can proudly say that our company was the pioneer in this field.

It has not been the easy way; some partners gave up, others more have passed away, other partners arrived, but each of them at the time knew how to contribute their knowledge to improve the company.

Our mission.

Today, we continue to be the only company authorized at the Los Cabos and La Paz airports to offer the TAXI service.

Our drivers are certified and endorsed by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation in Mexico, bilingual and trained to offer an excellent service.

On your next visit to Los Cabos and La Paz, use SAFE TAXI !!

Our vision.

To exceed the expectations of our clients, offering an exclusive and luxurious service, because it is with us, with whom our clients have the first and the last impression of our tourist destination!

Our services go beyond the transfers of the International Airport Los Cabos to the different tourist destinations, because TRANSPORTISTAS JOSEFINOS also offers additional services such as dinners, excursions, city tours, shopping and all those activities that the destination offers and our clients needs.

Comfort, security and an excellent service is our main objective and our priority.